Rachel & Nick

You may recognize Rachel & Nick from their engagement portraits early last summer.  Well, the day finally came and they are married!  We were lucky to have a lot of time for our “pre” wedding photos.  I found it difficult choosing images for the blog, but here goes.  Rachel was a beautiful bride – we were lucky to have lots of natural light in the room where she was getting dressed – so these shots were all done using the light from the window.

She was relaxing before the wedding and was really easy to work with.  I think her dress really extenuated her best features!

This image should have a title called “as she arrives!”  Rachel was so calm!

I realize that I skipped a lot here – but I love the excitement after the wedding.  Just leaving the church there is such a sense of happiness – relief – pure joy.  It is one of my favorite moments in a wedding.

And the feeling is contagious – the wedding party feels it – the guests feel it.  It is a magical moment.

And here’s to happily ever after for Rachel and Nick.  May they have many wonderful years filled with joy!