Congratulations Iliana & Gary

Remember that one nice, sunny day we had in April?  God shined on Iliana & Gary that day as they celebrated their wedding on April 17th.

When I started going through their images for the blog I realized that I was really drawn to black & white.  Although there are many really nice color images, their skin tones really worked well in black & white.

I love this image of the beautiful bride, Iliana, arriving to the church in the limo.  The look on her face is a little nervous and a little excited.  If you look closely you can see the reflection of the cross and the top of the church in the car!

And here is the handsome groom, Gary – excited – happy to be with his friends and closely eying his watch!

That beautiful sunshine was streaming through just behind them giving them even more of a glow than they already had!  This is the moment I love to look for in a wedding – when they are looking at each other not thinking about who is looking at them!

The kiss!  Magical in black and white.  Timeless!

We made a stop at Verona Park for some bridal party photos.  The park was full of people – fisherman, kids running around – and one couple that insisted on paddling their boat in the back of all of my shots!

I always think the wedding party thinks I am crazy when I line them up and then say OK – now walk towards me.  The laughter comes when they realized that I am moving backward all ready to fall on my butt!

We had warm afternoon sun on Iliana and Gary – relaxing more as the afternoon progressed.  What a really nice couple they make!

We had a little time to play around.  Below is a shot that I think is also timeless.

And finally – here is that look again.  Doesn’t every woman dream of a man who will look at her like this?  Doesn’t every man dream of a woman to look at him like this?

Congratulations Iliana & Gary.  I am looking forward to following your story!