We are … Penn State!

On Saturday, I visited the biggest Penn State fans I know…it happens to be my brother’s house!  His wife Amy’s whole family are diehard fans.  The first image was the whole family all geared up for the game.

I think my nephew’s first words were Nitney Lion, not Mommy and Daddy.  Here are more family shots –

Amy’s Mom and Dad, Chuck & Enid.

My handsome brother Andy and his beautiful wife, Amy.  Is my brother looking more like Mike Huckabee as he gets older??

This is Amy’s brother Charlie, wife Tanya and 2 adorable kids – Mia and Trey.

I love how Trey looks in this shot.  This is the moment where I say to the kids “Look right into the camera” and then lean all the way forward to look into the camera – exactly what I told them to do!

Mia looked adorable in her little vest – and did a great job modeling for me!  I was laughing when we was sticking her tongue through the spaces in her new “big girl” teeth!

And finally – my nephews, Joe, Tom and JP who were so excited to have their photo taken with their new puppy Brewster.

Brewster almost looks like a muppet in this image!  I think they all smiled perfectly!