The McIntyre Twins

I had a magical session with the McIntrye Twins – Chace and Tyler with their Mom.  They are getting bigger every day and I am amazed that their personalities are so different already.  First, here they are together.

I thought at good title of this one should be “Lean on Me”….or maybe later…”he’s touching me!!”

Here is a little tender moment of Michelle with Tyler.  Tyler is the outgoing one – looking for anyone to smile at!

Chace is the more serious one.  It takes more warming up to finally get the smiles out.  Look at his beautiful eyes in this image!

Next we played around a little.  Mom can certainly make them smile.  We got so many images with Tyler smiling!  Next we need some video so you can hear the giggles!

Here is Chace all smiles now.  Michelle knew exactly what would make each one laugh.  What fun we had!  Keep growing boys – see you soon.