Myla’s first glamour session

For Myla’s first official shoot – we show her proud Mom and Dad as well as big brother’s Nolan and Luke.

So curious already – I was amazed at how at 4 weeks, she was holding up her head.  She loves daddy’s shoulder and before long…it was definitely time to rest.

I never believe the doctors when they say that the first smiles aren’t real – just gas…look at this grin!

It’s like she’s saying “Who me?  You’re looking at me?”

We really put her patience to the test, 3 backgrounds, outfit changes, clothes on, clothes off… it was exhausting for her. Here she is just chillin’.

I’ve inserted this last one in just for laughs.  Glenn titled this one – “Lea, do you want to babysit?”

Then he told her she was grounded…until she is 22.

A beautiful baby … a beautiful family..  If I have it my way, you’ll be seeing a lot of her here on my blog.