Luke & Joely Shine

I was so excited to photograph my BFF Pam’s twins Luke & Joely at Willowwood last week.  We miraculously got a day between the wacky weather we’ve been having.  They are the absolute cutest kids!

Luke & Joely are textbook gender kids.  Joely is careful about her clothing, knows she needs to smile in each photo and is so careful to watch her Mom for her approval.  Luke is all boy.  He just wants to run around – he as glimpses of knowing he should smile and just wants to do things to make us laugh.

I love this image – the colors are beautiful and Joely has such a peaceful look about her!  She is as beautiful and colorful as the flower!

How cute is Luke?  He has just a genuine smile when you can make him laugh.  Luke loves Batman – – just mentioning his name brings a smile.

And here is Joely.  So lady like.  And so happy that she is wearing her favorite shoes.

Since they were born, I have always wondered if they would develop their own little language, I have wondered if they will always be best friends.  Watching them is so amazing.

Love you guys!