Just for Laughs

I’ve had a very fun few sessions with some very funny guys.  First, Comedian and Actor, Buddy FitzPatrick was referred to me by some friends from Habitat (thanks Lisa and Bob!).  The session started out as many do, lots of small talk and start shooting.  By the end – we were both laughing so hard!

Buddy is full of life and I can only image that his shows are really funny.  However, since I pride myself in being funny myself, I was challanged to make him laugh.  My first question was “so, what makes you laugh”.  And of course the answer was “Not much”.  Oh boy.

I wonder, was this the expression I got when I asked that?  So I had to start with my new favorite joke – A surefire way to find out who your best friend is?  Lock your wife and your dog in the trunk for two hours.  When you open the trunk, who is happy to see you?  That did get a laugh.  From there it was a piece of cake.

Buddy is know for his “clean” comedy – finding humor is everyday life.  Clips of his acting can be found on his agency website – www.omnipop.com.  For more information on Buddy’s schedule, visit www.buddyfitzpatrick.com.

Next, Buddy introduced me to Joe Moffa who is also represented by Omnipop.  Joe is straight out of the Sopranos, buy ironically has appeared in other TV Series, but not that one.

Joe’s answer to my same “What makes you laugh” was exactly the same…”not much”.  Must be the comedian montra.  He was a tougher nut to crack – already heard my “best friend” joke from above.

Joe made me laugh when he said anything.  He’s the first person I have ever known to use the phrase “Fuggetaboutit”  seriously.

In the end – wow, what a nice guy.  Once again I have to say, I love my job!  Joe, on the other hand is known for his “not so clean” comedy!!  For more information about Joe, go to www.omnipop.com.