Get ready for a laugh!

Happy 1st Birthday to my little Texan girlfriend Rylee.  She and her Mom came to me this week for her official First Year Portrait and we were all left a little sweeter!

Here is our Birthday Princess all cute and sitting for her portrait.  She is actually very much on the move and the “sitting” really lasted a matter of seconds.

Up, on the move and directly for the camera was her montra.  But look how cute the outfit is!!

Now for the fun part.  Take off the clothes, add one small birthday cake and the sitting takes on a new look.

She started off a little timid.  Right away she knew it was something good and tried a few times to just put her face down into the cake, but couldn’t reach.

Her Mom gave her a taste – so now she knows it is something REALLY good.  Notice the foot up in the air.  Watch it closely because it plays a key part going forward.

She now has both feet covered in cake.  Did you know that when you are a baby, it is acceptable to eat off of your feet?  Please don’t try this at home.

Now with a little prompting from Mom, she is screaming her head off.  So, so happy.  I really wish I was running a video camera, but I think you get the picture!

Finally, she is completely covered and the cake has been smashed to bits with her hands and her feet.  What do we do NOW??  Her Mom and I cart her off – with paper towel drop clothes right to the tub.  I am still finding pieces of birthday cake along the way!  Oh what fun we had!  These are times in my life where I can’t believe I am being paid for this!

Happy Birthday Rylee.  What are we going to do next??