Ballerina Rylee

Visitors to my blog should remember Rylee.  Rylee is here (with her family) from Texas for just two years and we are watching her grow before our eyes.

Rylee came decked out in her tutu with her butterfly wand.  Her mom and I got a workout because Rylee is really on the move now.  Every other image was her nose right into the camera!  She loved my camera.

Here she is warming up for her first performance – toes pointing in position.

OK – is this not the cutest??  Rylee loved the pearls….extremely tasty!  I absolutely love this!

I know Grandma loves the smiles, but somehow the serious images of her are really great!

What fun we had.  I always say that God gave me boys because I would have gone broke clothing a girl!

See you soon Rylee.