Emily Shines

I photographed Emily almost a year ago and am in wonder, once again at her poise and presence in front of the camera.  This time around we stayed inside for more studio type images.  Every image, I am amazed at her eyes – they really become the focal point of many of her shots.

I think Emily should be modeling for some sort of natural products.  She need very little make-up and her beauty on the outside matches her beauty from the inside.

I love this image below because it shows those long thin legs of hers – just sort of wrapped around herself – and she looks comfortable!!

I love this look on her face and the way she looks at me – sort of intense, but friendly.  And she is so patient with me as I run around adjusting lights.  I love the light on her hair in this image!

To finish our session, I posed Emily in front of a painting that is hanging in my livingroom.  It was painted by my aunt and holds a special place in my heart.  Emily brought it to life in such a beautiful way!

Thanks Emily – you are a beautiful soul!