Meet Stephen

I had the pleasure of meeting Stephen Roman and photographing him for professional headshots as well as some fun stuff!  Stephen is the brother of Tom Roman, my website designer.  Stephen, I quickly discovered, has many different looks.

Well, let’s see…tall, dark, handsome, doctor…it’s a tough job I have.  SOMEONE has to do it!

Stephen shows a lot of expression in his eyes and eyebrows. Look at this shot!  The thinker…with compassion.  That is what I see.

Now look at another version in Black & White…

Here is my story about Stephen, because I always have to have a story.  His brother Tom does motivational speaking and I recently attended a seminar that he ran about keeping motivated in this economy.  It talked about turning off the harmful news and setting goals in many aspect of your life.  Great seminar!  Stephen attended and has been following his advice.  BUT…here is the BUT….It turns out, Tom looks to Stephen to help him set HIS goals and keep motivated.  I absolutely loved that.  I hope that when my boys get older that they will look to each other like that!

A few more looks –

It was a pleasure meeting you Stephen!