NJ Devils’ Alumni Charity Hockey Classic

On March 15, 2009, Raritan Valley Habitat for Humanity was the charity of choice for the annual NJ Devils’ Alumni Charity Hockey Classic.  The Devils alumni team took on the Bombers.  Among the former Devils taking part were Bruce Driver and Chico Resch.

One of the exciting parts of the day was the arrival of the Stanley Cup shown in the photo above.  I had the awesome job of photographing fans and family with the cup.  Almost 200 people lined up for this rare and exciting opportunity.  For hockey fans, superstitions ran the gamut – some will NOT touch the cup, while others throw there arms around and give it a big hug.

Conor did a great job helping me pose people and even held a baby and hid behind the cup so only his hands were showing around the baby!  Below he is shown with Phil – the official Cup Keeper who is famous himself! (notice gloves!)

Lastly here is me in my goofy hat (it was really cold in the arena all day!).  I wasn’t sure what camp to follow, so I didn’t touch or hug!  Go Devils!

For information how to donate to Raritan Valley Habitat for Humanity, please visit www.rvhabitat.org.