The Wynarczua Family!

When Nikki called me for a outdoor portrait in March, I never thought we’d pull it off!  I was so happy when the weather held out on Sunday for another beautiful day in our string of early Spring days.

We started out with several family shots, had fun chasing her adorable niece and nephew Emily and Simon, and then ended the session with some fun shots of everyone really enjoying the gorgeous day.

It’s funny that once siblings start getting married – just the siblings isn’t a photo that we often take.  Here they are – all grown up!

In the end – it’s always about the kids.  Twins are definitely hard to get smiling together – or even sometime just both looking!  Here is a good one!

I love having everyone lined up and running toward me.  Sometimes I think they are all waiting for me to fall backward as I am trying to run to keep ahead of them.

I’ll end with this shot – always funny as I am lying on my back on the ground.

Happy Spring to all!!