The McGee Family Expands

The McGee family moved from California to New Jersey almost 2 years ago.  So when they decided to add a dog to their family, they thought – it had to be a Jersey name!

Welcome Joey.  Joey…the perfect Jersey name!  Do you think he is smiling in this image?  OK – let me back up now to some portraits I did of the girls.

This is Kelsey – beautiful smile and beautiful girl.

This is her sister Emma – adorable!  I think they were actually both smiling so much because of Joey!  Also because school was almost out for the summer.

I love sister pictures.  Something they will always treasure…maybe not immediately!

What was great about Joey was everytime I made my silly attention getting sound – Joey would tilt his head to the side.  So, so cute.  I imagine that even as I am typing this blog a week later, that Joey is already growing….and knocking something over!