Meet the Farrell Family

I had a great time photographing the Farrell family.  Our goal was to get the boys with their 2 adorable dogs.  I try to go into a shoot like this with extreme flexibility – because you have no idea how it will work!

We have the smiling photos and then we have the “don’t smile” images.  What I loved about these two images of Jack and Matt is that they seemed to be somewhere in between.

Matt looks to me to have a secret that he doesn’t want to share.

Jack was in a good mood despite the fact that I had to pry his cell phone from his hands!

I love this image in Sepia – their natural brown tones really come out.  And I love the whole – Mom with her boys image.

And we did it!  Here are the boys with Bandit and Bell – I wouldn’t say that they dogs are actually smiling, but they are definitely posing for me!  Treats for all after a shot like that!

Lastly, I wanted to include one of the outtakes…it just goes to show you that a Mom has so many roles – including referee.