Do you Facebook?

I resisted Facebook for the longest time.  Finally with the encouragement of a few friends, I created an account.  I have never been very active, but have loved the fact that it has connected me to friends that I have lost contact with.

Enter the Berneros.  Roger was a friend in High School and after discovering that I am a photographer, checked out my website and we were able to set up a date to photograph his family.

Here is Roger and his adorable wife Kelly.  I probably haven’t see Roger in over 30 years (did I just say that??) but he is exactly the same.  Despite a few gray hairs, his energy, smile and big hug brought me right back to high school.  Before i move onto the kids, I have to say something about Roger and Kelly.  I want to say to Kelly – good job – you got a good one!  And I want to say to Roger – hold on to her.  When she looked at your picture in the back of my camera – she said – look how handsome Roger looks!

These are their 3 boys – Ryan, Josh and Tyler.  First of all – they were great kids, and secondly I couldn’t believe that despite the fact that they were dragged around the park on a Saturday afternoon, they never complained (at least if they did, I didn’t hear them!)  How handsome they are!

Here they are all together.  I laughed with Kelly about only having boys and we agreed that we wouldn’t know what to do with a girl!  Next I said to them, let’s do something different.

Here they are – it is amazing how personalities can show up even in the bottom of your feet!

Just when the boys thought it was over – I saw the light coming around in front of a greenhouse.  They were so agreeable.  At least until I said “That’s a wrap”  – – then this!

Boys will be boys!