Bringing a family together

First of all, I want to give credit to Donna.  She was determined to get her family together for photographs and she pulled it off!  I can’t imagine how many phone calls and how many “I have to wear what?” she had to endure, but the end result was a magical and rain-free (someone was praying hard!) photo shoot.  I included quite a few photos to not leave anyone out, but also to show that when I shoot a family like this, I photograph the whole group, but also individual groups in many combinations.

This is Donna and her family.  Donna chose a park called Echo Lake Park in Mountainside, NJ.  It has a beautiful garden area – actually a 9/11 memorial that has interesting stone walls, benches and flowers still showing color.  Below are individual images of the family.

This is Donna’s brother Rich and his family.  Again, individual photos below.  Is Rich the middle child??  Just a thought…

And here is an outtake – tell us how you really feel Rich!

This is Donna’s brother John and his family again with individual images.  Another successful dog photo!  The second in a few days.  Tell me….is this dog smiling?


OK – we finally get to Mom and Dad.  The people responsible for the whole gang. 

And finally – all together for the grand photo.  Something they can point to years from now and remember that day they dressed in white – took off their shoes and had their photo taken.

 Just for fun, we took the kids out into the park and did a little running around.  At first I thought this image would be great if I took Rich out.  Then I decided that the joy on his face helped make the photo what it was.  Just fun.  Summer fun.