Introducing Thomas Roman

To introduce Thomas, I have to tell a little story.  In May, I took a photography marketing class in Cape May taught by a Pittsburgh-based photographer named Michael Redford.  Michael had a theory that you can test how important you are by how many phone calls you are away from the President of the United States.  Michael decided that he was pretty-darn important.  He had photographed a Congressman which made him 2 calls from the President.  The whole class was quiet for a minute, until one of the students in the class raised their hand and said – “Well, since we know you, I guess that makes us all 3 calls from the President.”

I tell this story for 2 reasons.  One is to say that someday I think your success may be measured on how many calls you are away from Thomas Roman.  However, that being said, Thomas also seems like the type of person that will always answer his own phone, no matter how busy he is.  Thomas is a very energetic, remarkable author and entrepreneur who owns and operates Roman Ventures.  Roman Ventures is a Management Consulting, Technology & Media company.  One of their many businesses is the development of websites, including mine! 

When Thomas came in, we decided to try “not your ordinary headshot” which is a corporate headshot program I hope to be launching soon.  It was amazing how with a change of clothes and a change of a pose, you can really see so many sides to one person.  The following pose would be perfect for the Memoirs!

Look at how striking it is in black & white.  It really accents his strong features. 

For more information on Roman Ventures, go to  Or just call Thomas, he’s only one phone away!!