Watch Ava Grow!

For those of you who remember the famous baby on the towels photo, here she is almost 9 months old.  Her parents are the owners of Ava’s Homemade Ice Cream in Basking Ridge so of course we had to get the ice cream shot.  After a few “brain-freeze” type faces, we finally got a big daddy smile out of her!

Look for her on the walls of Ava’s soon!  After we sugared her up on ice cream, she jumped into her bikini for a little tubin’!

She pulled herself up and was so happy to be upright!  What a cutie!  So what’s left except to do a little fishing!  I got exactly the face I was looking for, but didn’t count on the bowl being so big – so we needed to prop her up a bit.  I’ll post the photoshopped version without the blanket soon.

Let’s watch Ava Grow!