The Tucker Family

Watching kids grow has been a rewarding and fantastic experience for me.  I am so fortunate to watch so many stages of their development.  Saturday, I photographed the Tucker family – a family that holds a special place in my heart.

Kaylee will turn one this month.  She is the most beautiful child and such a delight!  I am amazed at her eyes and melt in her happy disposition.

I just love her hands in this image.  It was as if I say “Kaylee, fold your hands”.

Big sister Gianna has always been photogenic.  She really follows directions.  What I love about Gianna is her desire to please.  While I was there, she was sure I was well taken care of with fruit snacks and marshmallows.

Benji is at that magic age where smiling naturally is a challenge!  He was determined though, to really really try.  He didn’t want to give up and I think we finally nailed it!

When I saw this image in the back of my camera, I sighed a big breath of relief.  Three kids smiling great!  That’s a wrap!  A beautiful family and a photo you will look back on for years.

Of course, I am convinced that our great luck with smiles had more to do with the presence of Tinkerbell than anything.  The smile on her face in this outfit was priceless.  I think I will have to bring her along for the rest of my shoots this year!