The McIntyre Family

We had our first official “McIntrye Boys” photo shoot on Friday.  But first, I’m going to start with their big sister Maison.  Maison, who many of you will recognize as my Website covergirl, turned 3 in March – very close to the arrival of her brothers.

She was so good, smiling up a storm.  It always happens with Maison – I end up capturing one image of her that just takes my breath away!  Here it is.

Then on came the music and she danced herself silly!  It really brings out the joy!

God blessed the McInytres with Chase and Tyler on St. Patrick’s Day!  Here is Maison posing with her brothers.

I hope I got this right – this is Tyler.  His furrowed brow was how I distiquished him from his brother.  I is on the left above and shown below.

And below is his brother Chase.

My goal for the session was to get them sleeping together.  You would think when they are this little and used to sleeping together that it wouldn’t be so hard….well it finally happened and we were able to capture this precious images.

What I see in this image above is the shape of a heart.  Do you see that?

I am overwhelmed at the beauty of this image – friendship, trust, innocence are the words that come to mind.

When I first walked in and saw Michelle, I could not believe that she looked so great with what I am sure is so little sleep.

I wanted to end with this image because I thought it was in definite need of a caption.  The look on Maison’s face says it all.  I told Michelle while I was there that I can’t wait to watch these boys grow!