The many faces of Myla

Stop for one minute, forget all the craziness of the world and wander with me through my favorite garden with my little angel Myla.  A world of wonder awaits .. and many life lessons are waiting be discovered.  Watch closely at her little fingers they are so expressive!

Of course, be a little timid at first.  Check behind doors and leave no area undiscovered.

Use all your senses.  Look with care at the colors, smell the beautiful scents and don’t listen to anyone that tells you not to touch.

Don’t forget to add some music to your life…the Itsy Bitsy Spider is highly recommended.

Smile at the beauty of nature.  Spring brings with it a new beginning and an excitement of things to come.

Stop, rest and breathe now and then.  It is in rest that you feel most at peace.

Lastly…drink…water, wine whatever is your fancy.  It nourishes and cleanses.  Thank you Myla for helping me see new things in my favorite garden!