Stars in the Making

Wait until you see Laura and Kevin!

With a little help from LinkedIn, I was reconnected with a former work colleague from over 15 years ago just in time to watch his 2 children be thrust into the limelight!

This is his daughter Laura.  She has such poise in front of the camera.  After I directed her around in different poses, I asked her to do something she wanted to do and below what she came up with –

Adorable and fun are words that come to mind.  Good luck Laura.

Kevin, her big brother is also very photogenic – his personality really came forward when he asked to be photographed with his skateboard –

His “look” was expertly created right down to his shoelaces and we really had fun in the street.

In this image I applied a little artwork to give it a detailed drawn look.  Remember – if you see them in a commercial or movie, you saw them here first!