My girl Rylee

I had to start with this image because Rylee is walking!  Yeah!  Almost one and a girl on the move!  She arrived all dressed in her Easter best.  We started with a few angelic shots and then moved into adding the Easter goodies.

Her first reaction of the Easter grass was so funny.  She did not like it in her fingers.  But soon after getting used to it, our “Extreme Rylee” started tossing the eggs – how funny!  Her Mom got a real workout trying to keep it all together!

I love this image – so photojournalistic!  She seems so sweet and innocent – you should have seen the eggs flying!

I think at this moment she was praying.  For world peace of course…and that her mother didn’t punish her when she got home!

As we moved onto the swimsuit portion of the competition, Rylee was sporting a little red number (no bikini says Dad!)

No harmful UV rays for me, says Rylee.  Is this too cute for words?

I had to end with this image and ask all you Texans for a good caption!

We love you Rylee!  I figure, someday years from now, Rylee will come back to New Jersey from Texas and hunt me down for taking all these pictures!