Meet Kyra

Kyra came in for her communion portrait and I was immediately drawn to her beautiful blue eyes and sweet disposition.  She was chatty and so polite.  She changed into her dress and had the confidence that most of us wish we had!

Kyra was a natural in front of the camera – taking direction with ease and adding her own flare.

I showed Kyra a photo that I have hanging on my wall in my living room of my dad during his First Holy Communion.  These images reminded me of classic photos that will hopefully last generations.

As you can see, I had a hard time deciding what to post because there were so many really nice images of her.  Her I converted to black & white – I love the way the light hits her very cute up-do.

The last thing I did was take down the background and photograph Kyra in natural light using the famous painting in my living room as the background.  I thought it was beautiful framing her face.

How nice it was to meet Kyra – I look forward to watching her grow.