MacKenzie steals the show!

I am actually related to this adorable little girl.  You figure it out though – – she is my mother’s cousin’s son’s daughter.  Ha.  If Aunt Madge were here, she would give me the EXACT name to call her.

My first glance at these images reminds me of old Sear’s portraits.  She is a very happy and active little girl who at 11 months can do the hand motions of the itsie bitsie spider.  Very impressive.  Take a look.

She laughed and clapped.  I literally kept putting her on the background and then grabbing my camera and shot before she could move.  It was quite a workout, but so much fun!

After her indoor shoot, we took her outside for a few.  This was my favorite and it black & white because I loved the light rimming her face. 

Can’t wait to see you again MacKenzie!