It’s time for First Holy Communion!

I love this age – and this time in a child’s life.  They are dressed up and getting all the attention.  And rightly so!!

Before I show you some of the adorable children I recently photographed, I have to first show off a photo of my dad that hangs in my home.  It was “colorized” for those that remember that look.  My favorite part is the bow on the arm.  How cute is he??

Now on to my cuties!  First is Patrick.  He arrived prepared to think of something that made him smile.  I loved that.  Prepared even at 8…watch out!

His face just made me melt!

Next is my nephew Tom looking so dapper.  I was amazed when he stood in front of me how I saw my brother.  I don’t think I have ever seen it so clearly before.

Tom is a natural.  He was born on Earth Day and I think I felt peace coming from him.    Below is Tom’s signature shot.  He had the unique ability at a very young age to wink.  The ability has gotten him many extra chocolate chip cookies over the years.

Next was Allie – beautiful in her veil and gorgeous dress.

Outside is where Allie really opened up and showed me her personality.  I absolutely love this shot – especially her feet!

Here we had the wind blowing her veil to make a beautiful image.  Look at that beautiful image.  I am definitely not revealing what was said to make her smile!!