Giggling Girls

Being the mother of two boys, I had a blast photographing twin sisters Sophia and Gabriela.  They were absolutely so full of giggles.

They really just needed to look at each other and it would start.  I had fun memories of giggling like that with my sister!

Here they are with Mom and Dad.  We were trying so hard to hold back the giggles.

There is a story behind every photo.  In the shot below, I was playing a game with the girls where they were hitting my hand (like “give me five”).  I said to them OK – this time after we do “give me five”  – I said, put your heads together and I guess I put my hand on the side of my face to demonstrate.  Well, we did “give me five” and they each put their hands on the sides of their faces like I had just done.

We all laughed so hard!

Thanks for a great laugh Sophia and Gabriela!