Big sister Anna introduces Gavin

As Anna celebrated her 3rd birthday, she welcomes Gavin to the family!  Anna kept asking her Mom – “Mommy, why are we taking Gavin’s pictures with no clothes on”.  Her Mom responded – “because that’s what we do Anna!  We like naked babies!”  She seemed perplexed by that.

Here is Anna –  I photographed Anna this time last year and can’t believe how much she has grown.

My favorite part about putting kids on their tummies like this is watching what they do with their feet.  Sometimes they are up in the air, sometimes down on the floor – but always there!

Here Anna is trying hard to hold Gavin.  I love the drama that comes with holding a sibling!  We need a good caption for this next image.

Maybe “I can’t hold him anymore Mommy – he’s SOOO heavy!”

Gavin is a beautiful baby – was in great spirits and definitely all boy.  Look at those cubby cheeks!  What a cutie.

And here are all his cute baby parts.  It was hard to capture his feet because he was already running!  Watch out Anna, here comes Gavin!