Another Magical Fall Day

With every shoot this fall, I think it may be the last one before the cold weather comes.  As I am looking out the window now at the snow (yes, snow!) – I am so happy this shoot was last week!  With the magical October light, I met the Castagna family at the Reeves Reed Arboretum in Summit.  It is a beautiful garden that had a blend of the last of the perennials mixed with stone walls and steps which I love!

When the light hit Julia’s hair, combined with her sweet disposition, we captured her!

I cropped this image all different ways before I came up with this image.  It is very unique and really one of those being in the moment shots!

Brothers Michael and Nicholas kept the laughs going.  They are naturals!

The kids really enjoyed being photographed together.  Believe me, that doesn’t often happen.  They enjoyed playing and when Julia squeezed the two boys together – it was priceless!

We did everything – we ran, we jumped and even climbed a tree.  It was a real playdate!  I loved the way the path in the back of this image runs right off the image!

Another magical fall day in New Jersey!