Anna & Emma Shine

As a photographer, I always strive to get the shot with the kids looking at me and smiling.  It is not as easy as it sounds – but look at this image – they are NOT looking at me.  I feel like this angle gives them a very angelic look!

Anna and Emma were real troopers as we pushed the limit with the weather.  This was Halloween – but  a little early in the day when it was a little chilly.  Look at these two images in Black & White.  Although we were going for the colors, I love the way you can see the light on them here without the distraction of color.

Ok – so here is their looking at me shot.  The colors really are magnificant.  And no matter what, kids love pumpkins!

The Nelsons are a great family – I am looking forward to working with them again and seeing these two little girls grow!