Adorable Kaylee

People often ask me how often they should photograph their children.  As a photographer, I like to schedule portraits 4 times in the first year.  I love when they are about 3 weeks old – I love black & white at that stage.  At 3 months, babies are smiling and I like to photograph closer shots of them getting the different expressions that they have developed.  At 6 months they are sitting up – but not quite ready to be on the move (my favorite time!).  Then at a year old, they can stand – and catching them is a challenge!

Here is Kaylee at 6 months.  I love all the details, the fuzzy hair – the rolls around their elbows and wrists – so many little things that you forget about.

Kaylee has the most beautiful blue eyes – so unlike her very brown-eyed big brother and sister.  She was the happiest little baby.

Then we decked her out in her finest pearls.  She was fascinated.  My favorite part of this image is her belly button and the way her feet sit flat out.

Kaylee – you make the world a better place!