The Magical Age of 2!

What started as a professional portrait with a lovely woman named Tina ended with some beautiful images of her 2 year old son Tyler.

The gazebo in Chatham was the perfect location to show off Tina’s beautiful bright eyes and light hair.  It was one of those magical Spring days we’ve been having.

Tina’s son Tyler was patiently waiting with his great-grandmother who was celebrating her 85 birthday that day.  Now it was his turn to shine.

What great smiles we got!  Tyler looked like such a little man in his khakis and hush puppy shoes.  Made me think of my boys when they were young.

This image above is one of those “what is he thinking” image.  Beautiful!

Tyler is so lucky to be growing up with his great-grandmother in his life.  And the best part for me was when she arrived…I looked down and saw she was wearing red shoes.

I truly hope that when I turn 85…I am wearing red shoes!!